Welcome to Maison de L’amour

We certainly are excited to have you as a guest in our home.  As such, we respectfully request your consideration of us, our home, our animals, our other guests, as well as our neighbors. 

 We’re happy to see you, and we want you to enjoy your stay with us. That’s why we ask all of our guests to follow these simple rules, so that we can help to ensure that everyone’s experience is a positive one. It’s all about making pleasant happy memories of your vacation in Darling – so that you’ll come back and see us again! 

1.         Rooms are cleaned and sheets and towels changed between 10 am/2 pm and 11 am on check out days to get the room ready and clean for the next check in.

2.        Guests are requested to keep the room tidy and not to bring any food into the room.

3.        Overnight visitors are not permitted. Any visitors must leave the premises prior to 11 pm when the outside doors are locked. If you make arrangements with us, an additional fee will be charged otherwise a full rate of R 400.00 will be charge to you if you have not made prior arrangements with us.

4.       Please keep the volume down on any radio, audio system or musical instrument, so that it is not audible from outside the room when the door is closed. The owners reserve the right to require these items to be turned off if they are disturbing other occupants of the house. 

5.       The outside doors and gate is locked at 11 pm. If you will be returning to the house after this time, you have your own gate key so you may let yourself into the property. Please lock the gate behind you. 

Thanking you in advance, and we hope you enjoy your stay with us. 


Nina and Derek Poole

Maison de L’amour